Welcome, beautiful soul! 

I'm thrilled you're here. 

Our vision is to build community in which

you feel energized and free to express your

natural, earth-connected self.

I invite you to explore our resources. 

Art invigorates our lives with meaning.

Art is more than a pretty painting on the wall. It's the harmony between the thoughtfulness of our minds, the skillful work of our bodies, and the expression of our hearts. This is why I believe we are ALL artists, and that art is most potent when we engage in it as a process, rather than a product.

Rise 'n' Shine Arts creates space for art to be a healing process through events and membership programs. We also provide creative living resources to infuse your life with magic, whether your world is slow-paced or on-the-go.

For those wanting to bring their book, home/business space, or event to life, check out my custom artwork offerings below.


Head to Heart through Art membership
Collaboroot Retreats & Events

Join our inclusive, creative, heart-focused community today.  Our vision is to infuse more lives with meaning, and empower your healing journey by providing you a space to reclaim your creative fire, connection to nature, and natural self.

Check out the link above or send me a message to learn more.

Murals to emanate your essential brand
Custom pet portraits
Children's book Illustration

Transform your professional or personal space into a magical area where you feel right at home and your ideal clients want to stay. 

Give your furry (or non-furry) companion the honor they deserve with a custom, lasting portrait.

Preserve the art of hand-held paper books and story time with custom, whimsical illustrations that bring your book to life. 

Recipes & Food Art

Wellness, Nature-Focused Resources

Custom Blogging & Copywriting

Join my mailing list to receive monthly goodies like recipes, resources for creative living, aligning with nature, cultivating wellness and building community.

Captivate your readers with content tailored to your brand and message.

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Find Your Shine

Our purpose is to revitalize your inner creativity and connection with nature so that you can live with the freedom
to Be Your Natural Self. 
Join our mailing list and explore our resources above to join our community.


We are, in our natural state, nature itself.

Nature, by essence, is creative.

She seeks diversity and thriving.

As we remember ourselves as an intimate component of cosmic-nature, and access our creative potential, aligning with wellness comes naturally. 

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