Welcome Beautiful Soul 

Our online & in-person art workshops and retreats re-connect you to your heart so that you feel confidently creative and live with passion.

Unleash Your Creativity and Live with Passion

Creativity is the vital force of life. To create is to fully thrive.

It enlivens our cells like water to trees. It nourishes the spirit with ecstasy.

Igniting our innate creativity connects us to our hearts so we can live fully.

Rise 'n' Shine Arts' retreats and workshops invite you to experience art as a healing process that

empowers you to thrive with passion and create your world.

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Apply to our intimate events in the beautiful Pacific Northwest; designed to indulge you with a full-circle sensory experience and ignite your creative fire.

Participate in our inclusive, creative, heart-focused online events or 1:1 classes and grow your creative practice while developing your own,

brilliant style.


Inspired by Chelsea's personal knowledge of, and Foundation Training in the field of BioGeometry, Chelsea's prints and original art are created to bring harmony to your home or business space.


Our creative living blog infuses your life with magic, whether your world is slow-paced or on the go.


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Find Your Shine

Our purpose is to revitalize your inner creativity so that you can, "find your shine," live with passion and freedom to BE your true self. 

And so that you can create the experience of life desire and enjoy.

Being in a state of ecstasy or joy allows your body to do what it's designed to do naturally; heal and thrive.

A key to accessing ecstasy is built right into our bodies: Our senses.

By deeply connecting to our sensory experience, we can unlock ecstasy, and connect with our purpose and creative expression.

We believe cultivating our connection to nature is fundamental to igniting human creativity, health, passion, and joy. Reconnecting to the natural world and remembering that we, as humans, ARE nature, is a central theme within our classes and workshops. 

Book a call to learn how you can grow the confidence to create your world today.

Artist Experiences

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Kristen Stine, DoTERRA Advocate

"This is exactly what I need! This whole course has been so inspiring to help me take care of myself, and get out of my head."

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Jane Schreiner,
Life coach

"I experienced an opening to myself unlike any other I've had in many years of personal growth."


Tami Wolff,

"Your class totally blew my expectations out of the water! I love your teaching style and the heart of this creative work. Being able to get in touch with my emotions and then express them is exactly what I'm looking for. Thank you!"


Robin Waters,
Voice Artist

Chelsea's classes provide a sacred space to take a break in my day. I love her insights and instruction. She provides an inspiring container to come back to myself and let my creativity and emotions flow..."

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Jane Schreiner,
Life coach

"Being guided by Chelsea in playing with paint was amazing! Feeling my creativity like never before--it was so much fun to flow with the music as I brushed paint onto paper. A wonderful experience!"


We are, in our natural state, nature itself.

Nature, by essence, is creative.

She seeks diversity and thriving.

As we remember ourselves as an intimate component of cosmic-nature, and access our creative potential, aligning with wellness comes naturally.