Head to Heart 
through Art

An all-inclusive, intimate online membership to ignite your life with

Freedom to Be Your Natural Self.


Someday I'll do it...

Creative projects, neatly closed in a box for someday later.

But what if those creative projects are key to unlocking your most fulfilling life now?

What if it's not just about how hard you work, but about who you are, and who play allows you to be?

What if you could create what you want and BE who you want... now?

What if you felt so driven by your purpose,

that you could ditch your alarm clock?

What if... you fell so in love with your life,

that your vitality became contagious?

And what if that burning ember of creativity inside you is called your heart--and it's your North Star?

Our purpose is to help you reconnect with your natural, creative core, and

to empower your “way” to be play and freedom instead of feeling trapped by the daily grind.

So you can start living the life you are on this Earth to live.


Head to Heart through Art Empowers you to

  • Live with play & purpose. Our online membership experience allows you to express your natural (nature-connected) self, indulge in pleasurable fun, and explore your purpose.

  • Feel connected. Through intimate, weekly art and transformation sessions, you'll be able to connect deeply, build relationships and raise your vibe.

  • Plug into nature. Our approach is nature-focused, allowing you to plug back into our vital Earth energy source and reclaim your individual version of wellness.

​Sometimes the best way to infuse our life with meaning is to surrender the fight between our head and heart, and connect these two beautiful parts of ourselves.


You, Beautiful,

are a Marvelous work of art.

And you were born to feel free.

It's time to meet the magic inside you.

And claim your whole, natural self.


Through our online membership, you'll be able to:

  • Strengthen the alliance between your head & heart so you can trust yourself with more certainty.

  • Create space to play instead of feeling trapped by the daily grind.

  • Feel confident to be yourself instead of fearing what others think.

  • Shift overwhelming mental chatter to empowering peace and connection.

  • Experience more peace by aligning yourself with Mother nature's rhythms.

  • And simply, have FUN! 

And no, you don't have to be "good at painting," because here, it's not about how it looks.

It's all about how good the art-making process feels!


Your Head to Heart through Art Membership includes all this Magic:


Weekly, online, interactive group sessions designed to deepen your heart connection and ignite your creative juices.

(Zoom classes recorded for those with schedule conflicts).

Access to our radically inclusive, online community

Guest speakers, guided healing sessions to integrate your creative practice with your health.

New Earth-friendly art goodies to play with,

shipped to you! (optional).

Discounted passes to Collaboroot's in-person retreats and events.

What to Expect when You Join

Here's what you can expect to participate in through weekly live meetings, videos and more, when you join.

(Live meetings are recorded for those with schedule conflicts).

Image by Senjuti Kundu

Radical Paint Play & Fun

We'll play with body painting, finger painting, and even food to learn to create with intuition over analytics.


Movement & Music

Music is healing & music is art. Not to mention, tons of fun! During some sessions we will full-out free dance, yoga flow, or groove to good tunes.


Heart-Centered Experts

Each month we'll learn practices and keys from passionate guest speakers & wellness practitioners, about living with pleasure & freedom in our everyday lives.


Earth-Born Magic

Weekly wellness guidance to re-connect you with your natural, nature-born self, and with nature as our root source of creativity.


Meet Your Host

Hello, Beautiful Soul!

Thank YOU for stopping by! 

I'm Chelsea, your host. As founder of Head to Heart through Art, it's my mission to help you experience creative freedom and play--so you can infuse your life with meaning, pleasure, and have the space to do the things you're most passionate about.

A little background: I earned my BFA in fine arts from Western State University and have worked since as a freelance muralist, illustrator, copywriter, and co-manager of family-owned local farms. Art continues to be a vital healing tool and form of play for me. My own physical and spiritual healing journey has and continues teach me how crucial our creative power is to living an abundant, health-filled life we fully enjoy.

It's my belief that we experience the most profound healing individually and collectively when we reconnect with nature as our source, and our innate creativity as our fuel. Here's to remembering our roots in Mother Earth and the creative lifeblood we are born with! 

I can't wait to connect & create with you!


A few things to take note of if you join... 

  • You may discover making art feels so good that you don’t care if it “looks good”… and that everyone else in your pod feels the same. (Pssst: We hope so.)

  • You might start to feel proud of taking time from your workweek to have fun… because it helps the rest of your week feel so on-point.

  • Your fam & friends might wonder what goodness you're up to.

  • You might start to feel inspired to take risks—like cooking a new recipe or leaving a mind-numbing job for something you love.

And, well, this isn’t really a risk, but if commitment just isn’t your thing, you can always cancel, anytime. ;-) 

The bottom line is, we cannot WAIT to create with you. 

Because, life is meant to be felt, lived, loved & enjoyed.

Still not sure?

Totally ok. We're here  for you  when you're ready to play. Each day is yours to create.

Sometimes that "creating process" is a whole lot easier within support of a nurturing community. 

Join us today and get your freedom play on.

(Cancel anytime).

Questions? Get in touch via the chatbox in the lower right.


Head to HeArt through Art is here to revitalize your inner creativity and connection with nature so that you can live with freedom, play and purpose.

Be Your Natural Self.


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