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An In-Person Workshop
to unleash your creative power through free-flow painting fun!
Sunday, April 24th, 1:00 - 3:00 PM

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Paint Yourself Free

An in-person workshop to
unleash your creativity through free-flow painting fun!
Sunday, April 24th, 1:00-3:00 PM.
Be Free Healing Center, Fort Collins.
All supplies included.

Release your mind and liberate your creative power
even if you've never touched a brush.


Are you ready to discover a new level of fun, freedom, play and expression?!

This is not your typical  "how-to" painting class.

Instead, we will experience a process of unleashing our creative expression.


The way we do it just happens to be using paints or pens and pencils. 


There are no grades, and no getting it "wrong." 

Only exploration and the opportunity to free ourselves!

Our experience will include a combination of meditation and free-flow painting to music. You'll be guided by prompts and suggestions along the way, while also having time to sink into the music and "lose track of time." (I'll be your time-keeper). Questions will be welcome. Following each segment, we will have time to share and connect as a community.

This experience is designed to:


  • Awaken your inspiration—so you can start creating the way YOU want to. You'll have helpful, instructional guides to follow without letting rules block your flow.


  • Increase your confidence in your natural expression. We all have it… even if we don’t know it. Most of us are taught we need to change our natural expression mode to “look like something or someone else’s.” This zaps our confidence. One of the most beautiful things about any art, and humans, is diversity. This workshop is all about helping you proudly embrace yours. 


  • Empower your life with creative energy. When we discover our own creativity, it naturally influences other aspects of our lives—how would feeling more inspired change your physical experience of energy?


As with the flow of painting, there are no hard lines to our structure, but one thing's for sure: It's bound to be packed with juicy, rich play and painting. 

Join us and register for your spot by April 20th, below: