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Creative Reset Session.

Free your mind, unleash your creative power & energize your day through this 30 minute guided session.

Exhale, let the stress out and the inspiration in.


This recorded session guides you through a process of free-flow expression to music.


All you need are a few sheets of paper, a pen, pencil or markers. A couple different colors are optimal but a single pen or pencil will work just fine.

(And, no, you don't have to know how to draw).

What You'll Receive:

A release of stress that allows you to feel more calm and think with more clarity and confidence.

Pleasure through cathartic expression, whether scribbling out stress or doodling joyfully.

Clarity about what you are feeling and the opportunity to receive new insight and guidance.

Strengthened connection with your heart and your purpose to fuel your energy and leadership throughout the day.

What to Expect

When you fill out the form to the right, You'll receive an email with a link to your 30-minute recorded creative reset session that you can listen to at your leisure.

Release Your Mind

Let it all go. Just for a thirty minutes. Have a notepad beside you to download any initial distractions or 'to-do's.'

We recommend shutting down other applications and devices so you can fully sink into this experience, free your mind and allow space for clarity, insight, and a recess of pleasure in your day.

Unleash Yourself

This guided session is your safe container to express freely, without judgement or competition. It's not about producing a "pretty picture." This half hour is for you to have a freeing experience, be it through fun colorful swirls or cathartic scribbles that release the day's stress.

Connect and Reset

Expressing yourself without inhibition allows you to reconnect with your heart--the source of your inner 'knowing' that often gets dismissed. Reconnecting to your heart and your freeing your creative expression, whether wild or calm, resets your way of BEing. It anchors your presence in your heart so that you can express yourself with intention and power through your day. 

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