Paint Yourself Free

Discover your creative power

through our online workshop experience of

painting, exploration & play!

“I don’t have time.” 


“I failed art class.”


If these are the reasons your paints are collecting dust on the shelf, there’s also a reason they’re still there… waiting to be picked up.


Or maybe you convinced yourself to throw out your art supplies.

Either way, you still have an inner creative genius, waiting to come out to play and color outside the lines.


How would it feel being celebrated for scribbling outside the lines??


How would it impact your life if that "someday" were today?


What would it feel like to give yourself the time?


What would you accomplish if you were liberated from the fear of creative failure?

The truth is, claiming our own creative time and space to PLAY is one of the most empowering, healing things we can do.



It’s time to break free from the buzzy busy mind and relax into peace by connecting with your heart, through art and  expression.


If you’ve wanted to make art but were scarred by “doing it wrong” and red grade marks that now turned to self criticism and left you feeling petrified to pick up a brush, this experience was created for you, dear one.


If you’re craving to feel creative but don’t know how…

If you're craving to get out of your head but letting go also terrifies you…

Or if you’re not even sure why you never pickup your paints,

My heart is with you, and this is for YOU!


This is not your typical art class. We won’t learn to paint by number. 

This will be an art EXPERIENCE. There’s no grades. No getting it right or wrong. 

This experience was designed FOR YOU to re-awaken your creativity. 

We’ll combine practical, fun tools to help you tune into your own true self and find pleasure in unlimited expression.


What We'll Do:

  • Awaken your inspiration—to start creating the way YOU want to. You'll have helpful, instructional guides to follow without letting rules block your flow.


  • Gain confidence in your natural expression. We all have it… even if we don’t know it. Most of us area taught we need to change our natural expression mode to “look like something or someone else’s.” This actually zaps our confidence. One of the most beautiful things about art is diversity of styles. This workshop is all about helping you proudly find yours. 


  • Empower your life with creative energy. When we discover our own creativity, it can’t not carry over to other aspects of our lives—how would feeling inspired by creative energy change your physical experience of energy?


  • Give yourself permission to play and feel refreshed: Part of being human is play... JUST because. For the simple joy of play. We were created to enjoy right here, right now. When we can step out of the business of planning and to-do, we tap into magical meaning in life. 

You'll Come Away with:

  • Higher confidence in your ability to express your creativity in a way that’s uniquely yours… whether you want to just paint for fun as an outlet after a stressful workday (and no one has to see it), or you want to showcase your work.


  • Tools (skills)—though this is not a how-to / paint-by-number class, you’ll still gain valuable painting tools that will help you actually free up your natural ability to express instead of feeling constricted by rules.


  • Community: This is just the beginning. You'll have the opportunity to continue engaging with a built-in support system on a monthly basis (as a continuing membership program) if you choose... and fuel your creative practice through 2021!

Your Hosts

Chelsea Glanz

With a lifetime of experience in fine arts, gardening and event hosting, Chelsea is devoted to curating a fun, liberating experience that connects you to your innate, creative energy.

Cara Faith

As our guest intuitive and meditation guide, Chelsea's wife Cara brings her vibrant, loving, grounded energy to help you tune into your body and explore what wants to be expressed.

Workshop Flow

As with the flow of painting, there are no hard lines to our structure, but one thing's for sure: It's bound to be packed with juicy, rich play and painting. Here's a rough outline of what you can expect (times are Pacific Daylight Time):


Saturday, April 17th

12 - 1 PM: Introduction to concepts, skills and free-flow warmup.

1:15 - 2:15 PM: Painting your inner essence (meditation and painting exercise).

2:30 - 3:30 PM: Organic expression & closing ('dialoguing with the canvas'). 

We… are going to have SO. MUCH. FUN!!


I Cannot WAIT!




Become inspired.


Express with confidence and joy


Energize our new year with creative flow, and


Have fun!


Are you ready??!

Registration Currently Closed.

Artist Experiences

~Kristen Stine, 2020