The Cosmic Organism We are All Part of

Updated: Apr 13

Your life matters even when you don’t “know it,” or know “how.”

Let me share a story:

When I was a kid my dad used to say, “Hey Chels, what if the whole universe is just a microscopic bunch of stars, and we’re all really just little people in a little galaxy, living inside someone’s tire in their garage?”

Pretty weird, huh?

(Imagination runs through the family).

His point: what if the micro-macro-cosm never ends? What if our universe is like the smallest part inside a bigger universe, and there’s also smaller and smaller universes inside our cells and atoms… and it never ends??

Even at five I was inspired by his wonder that maybe ‘this’ isn’t ‘it.’ That the patterns of existence we see might repeat infinitely… like the orbits of an atom, a solar system, a galaxy, etc. That maybe… the systems we see in life are never ending and intimately intertwined…

Let’s explore this in a more tangible way we can grasp:

Grab your microscope, and your telescope, and journey with me on Mrs. Frizzle’s magic school bus for a moment or two. Let’s see if we are in fact living inside of a giant tire… (highly recommended children’s book series if you don’t know Ms. Frizzle).

Zoom in with your microscope:

Our bodies are composed of cells that have organelles inside of them, which do stuff to help the cell function. The organelles ‘know’ they’re not just independent little beings; they are part of the life of the big cell.

The cells make up tissues that make up our organs. And the organs make up our bodies. The cells and the organs ‘know’ they’re not independent little things that could walk down the street outside of the body, waving at each other saying, “hey, stomach,” or “oh, hey liver, over there across the street.” Silly! They work in tandem. They compose the body.

Zoom back to present:

You’re looking at this screen, feeling the ground under your feet.


You and I.

Your dog. Your cat.

Your houseplant, the redwoods.

The ant piles in your backyard.

We; these things are ALL…


in the CELL of the earth.


Seems like a stretch? A nice metaphor?


It’s way more real and fascinating than that.

Here’s how we’re all organelles in the cell of the earth:

Plants and mammals are little organelles that exchange Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen.

Animals digest stuff, poop it back into the earth, and new things grow from that ground, which get eaten again.

We’re kind of like little fertilizer organelles in the cell. Said simply, our stomachs function like a compost pile inside our bodies, digesting stuff to provide nutrients for our cells, and our bodies function like little microbes in the stomach of the earth (in tandem with the soil), digesting stuff with the soil so that nutrients can grow.

Mycelium does this too, and our bodies collaborate with them (but we’ve forgotten much of this with the advent of modern history, especially the incredible industrial revolution).

Water moves through different parts of the Earth’s cell in different structures like ice, vapor and water, that different organelles in the cell (like us, plants, and other animals use to do stuff with). Remind you of blood vessels and veins?

Symbiosis happens abundantly in nature.

Starting to see the cellular fractal?

Get your telescope and zoom out:

It keeps going.

What if the Earth is an organelle in the cell of the solar system?

Though the molecular “stuff” is different, the interaction remains: Lightwaves from the sun interact with the ‘Earth cell’ to help keep the life inside the earth cell going. Gravitational and electromagnetic pulls and fields between rotating planets interact to create tension and attraction… solar flares impact surrounding planets. Interaction abounds.

The solar system can be thought of as an organelle within the galaxy; interacting with lightwaves, sonar waves, electromagnetic fields, maybe even the supposed “black hole” of singularity at the center of the galaxy (and supposedly at the center of each of our atoms as well, according to Zach Bush. Singularity can be thought of as simply the point of connection with source energy, before it’s refracted into spectrums of polarities).

You see? It quite possibly, just keeps going… and going…. and… going…

This interaction occupies an infinite cosmic scale.

Gravitational pulls impacting tides.

solar flares impacting our bodies’ electromagnetic fields, charges, and hence, how we feel.

And we are a part of it all; circling around us and inside of us.

Everything, suddenly seems, quite literally, connected; whether we perceive that connection with our sense organs or not:

Sonar waves,


radio waves,

nuclear radiation,

gamma waves,

the earth’s Schumann waves that we may not consciously notice but help restore our parasympathetic nervous system;

waves from distant galaxies we don’t yet have sense organs to perceive but may just as well affect our bodies.

Interactions at a cosmic level we can’t yet comprehend.

The entire cosmos is a web of interacting wavelengths and vibrating atomic charges.

And when we start to understand this, the illusion of separation between concepts like, “esoteric,” “physical” or “spiritual” and “physical” begins to sound almost comical, impractical, and perhaps inaccurate.

And we understand ourselves, while microscopically small, at the same time, as an important part, an important organelle, within the infinite cosmic cell.

Our lives become fundamentally fascinating, meaningful and important as we see ourselves intimately connected with both atomic and cosmic levels.

To come full circle, we begin to see that our life is important. We matter.

So you see, we really do need a tele-microscope to start to see our place in life, which is maybe just to each be our own individual versions of those organelles in the cosmic cell.

I invite you to explore this word of the infinite cosmic organism:

  1. What impact would this idea have on how connected we feel to Source energy (creative energy), each other, and to ourselves?

  1. Does seeing our connection to everything change how we interact with the trees outside our window, the soil in our garden, or the water we drink? If so, how?

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Click the chat in the lower right to share your ideas with me.

For me, when I imagine what I believe to be the truth of our existence within an infinite cosmic organism, life becomes fascinating and colorful. Imagining how life is mesmerizingly, brilliantly orchestrated wells an energy from deep inside me. This energy, this inspiration, wonder and life force, is what’s in the motion, colors and textures that create these paintings.

May their vibrancy inspire curiosity, wonder and connection in you. I create art as a way to light up our world, and I believe color is medicine. If you know someone who you think would love a generous dose of color, please share this blog and these paintings with them.

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